Brian & Monica Mortensen

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Puerto Peñasco 2016

This year we took our little family to Puerto Peñasco for Spring Break! Our kids had so much fun! They were heartbroken when we checked out. Our first day in Rocky Point was March 5h. We left our house at around 11am and went and picked up my mom at her house. The drive to Rocky Point was a little over 4 hours. We were afraid to be stuck in traffic because a lot of school districts around us were getting out for spring break too. But luckily we had the road all to ourselves! We were so happy when we got to our hotel- Las Palomas Resort. The kids were ready to get out and walk- we drove 4+ hours straight non-stop so they were ready to stretch out their legs. Sofia saw the pool & ocean from the lobby and was so amazed at how close we were going to be to the beach! We checked in, went to our condo, unloaded the Yukon, and then went to town to eat. We were so hungry so I told Brian to stop at the first restaurant we would see. When we drove by then town we could smell someone grilling chicken so we went back to that restaurant, let's clarify- this restaurant was in someone's backyard. At first I thought my kids weren't going to eat the food because it's a place they're not used to but when the restaurant owner brought out 2 char broiled chiken, fresh salsa, home made tortillas, and a salad they ignored the fact we were sitting in someone's backyard and ate. The 2 big chickens were ordered were gone within 15 minutes! After dinner we drove back to our resort and went swimming. It was so nice to swim during the late afternoon/ night because the pool was heated, the weather was nice, and we had the pool to ourselves.

Sunday morning we woke up and went for a walk along the beach. There was this lady selling home made bistek and beans burritos. They were so good! The kids walked and walked along the beach, the morning was kinda cold so we didn't do the beach. Around lunch time the tide was super high so we went into town for lunch and shopping and we saw a guy selling tacos al vapor. I ran after him, like literally chased him down, ordered some tacos and horchata and it was soooo good! I ate so much food Brian looked at me like "who's this lady and what did she do with my wife?" When we got back to the resort the tide was just perfect the kids played for hours, until the sun was going down and the tide was coming up. The waves in Rocky Point aren't as hard as the waves in California so they actually played a lot! At the beach we ordered the yummiest mangos and coconuts. I lost track of how many mangos my kids ate. After the beach and dinner we went back to the pool, and once again we had the pool to ourselves. My mom stayed with Ryker in the room, so Brian, the girls and I swam in the infinity pool. It was so relaxing, swimming in a heated pool and listening to the the ocean waves.

Monday we woke up early and walked on the beach again, and bought burritos from that same lady again! Went into town for lunch, then came to the hotel and went to the beach. 

 There wasn't a lot of people on the beach on Monday so our kids had a lot of fun playing. The kids club hotel employee came to us and said if we played with the hotel's beach toys  the kids would earn a free ice cream cone. So they did, and not only did they earn an ice cream cone, they also went to a piñata and they were the only kids there. It was awesome!

Tuesday before checking out we went for a walk on the beach again. Got our free ice cream, and just lounged on the hammocks. My mom watched the kids while Brian and I loaded everything. We met up at the lobby, checked out and started walking to the car. When Hazel saw all our belonging in the back of the Yukon she began to cry. The kept saying she wanted to go back to her beach house. She wasn't the only one heartbroken. Brian said we will try to go to Rocky Point as much as we can. It was an awesome family vacation. The drive back wasn't bad. Crossing the border was easy. It's been 3 weeks since Rocky Point and Hazel asks almost daily when we're going back to Mexico. Oh Hazel, we hope to go back really soon!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

I'm back!

After a year and a half of ignoring my blog, I decided it was time to come back! Well, I was actually forced to come back and write about our family. The other day while I was doing Sofia's hair for school she asked about our blog. Uhhhhh, I haven't "touched" our blog in a long time. She begged me to please blog about her and her siblings. She loves looking back at old pictures, she loves to read stories about them. She said the words "it's not fair for my siblings to not have a story of their childhood." I felt so bad because she was right. I overgram my kids on social media, especially on Instagram and it's time to write the stories behind their pictures. Hazel and Ryker are in such a fun age they are learning and growing so fast, I want to remember it all. I want to look back and cry about these fun days with them. I want to show them how happy they make me. Thank you Sofia for begging about our blog, here's to hoping I stick to it and blog about all our adventures together.

So with all that being said, here's an updated (NOV 2015) family picture of us.

Monday, November 10, 2014

QCPAC The Aristocats; Sofia's first play.

My sweet Sofia loves being on stage. She loves to sing, dance, and act, and she's good at it. She played an Alley Cat in The Aristocats. Her character was supposed to be sassy and fierce and Sofia had no problem showing the audience how sassy and fierce she can be. I am so proud of her, and will continue to support her. Go Sofia!!


Halloween 2014

This year for Halloween, I had The Little Mermaid, an Adorable Monster, and Little Red Riding Hood. We also trick or treated in our new neighborhood! There were a lot of kids! Hazel had so much fun, she even had the energy to keep up with Sofia. Ryker was good for like an hour and then he was ready to go home and sleep. The kids got a lot of candy and most of it was donated to all of their cousins in Mexico.

Pumkin Carving 2014

Vertuccio Farms 2014

 This was our first time going to Vertuccio Farms and we had so much fun! My kids enjoyed every minute we were there! There was so much to do, I was so tired by the end of our trip. We will definitely go back!

Ryker's baby blessing.

 Our sweet baby boy Ryker was blessed August 24th, 2014 in our new home. Ryker's baby blessing outfit was very special because Grandpa Les, Michael {Brian's older brother}, and Brian were all blessed in it.