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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sofia started 2nd Grade.

Sofia started a new chapter in her life- 2nd grade.
This year we're at a new school- Queen Creek Elementary.
It literally took me all summer to decide what school to send her to, but after I toured QCE I just knew that was the school for us. This year we don't have to wear uniforms! Sofia is so happy about that and wants to dress like Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place. The hard part about no uniforms is that some kids wear immodest clothes. Luckily Sofia knows that dressing modest is very important.
We know 2nd grade will be a year of learning and reaching many milestones.
Sofia's teacher, Mr. Willie seems to have everything under control.
This is the first year we have a male teacher, and when Sofia first heard "Mr." she frowned and said "I wanted a girl teacher." But when we met him we thought he was the coolest guy ever! He kinda even looks like daddy, except with red hair and freckles. 
We're excited for 2nd grade, the new school, new friends, Mr. Willie, and all the adventures that will come with this school year.

First day of second grade.

 Sisters & best friends.

Another new thing for is us the school bus. Yep, this year Sofia will be riding the bus to school. QCE is K-4 {which was one of the main reasons why I chose that school}, and so only the "little" kids are on the bus. Everyone in my community is very involved with school, so we decided to give it a try and ride the bus. The first day was a hit!

Here are the girls walking to the bus stop.

Sofia at the bus stop.

 When the bus finally came, Hazel started to cry. She realized the bus was taking Sofia for the whole entire day. She screamed and yelled "No Sofia, NOOOO!!" She even reached her tiny hands to Sofia like saying please take me with you. The rest of the day Hazel kept saying "el camion se llevo a la Sofia," "the bus took Sofia." She probably cried for a good hour after Sofia left. Poor Hazel, she missed her big sister.

Here's my big girl. She did it! She got on the bus and had a wonderful first day of school.
Here's to an amazing year!

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