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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother's Day Celebration- Learning Foundations Style

Sofia LOVES school. She's very involved with everything that goes on in her classroom. When she heard that the preschool class was going to host a Mother's Day Celebration, Sofia got so happy because she wanted me to hear the songs they learned just for the moms. The celebration was May 6th, and I was not so sure about taking her. She was still fighting a stomach infection caused by rubber band. That morning she woke up and said she was feeling good, so we decided to go.
This is the lovely image Sofia made of me. Ms. Michelle said that Sofia did not want to color that day. I don't blame Sofia, for the longest time she went to school with an infection... poor girl.
Note- Sofia is the only 3yr old in this group. Most of the kids are 4 or 5. She's the youngest one in the group.
The kids singing to the mommy's.
Waiting for the flowers.
This is Sofia bringing me a flower. I had fun at the Mother's Day Celebration. Sofia makes every day special!!!

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