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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reuse and Recycle

I have a younger sister. Her name is Jessica. She's 2 1/2 years younger than me. When we were little girls, Jessica used my hand-me-downs. Not everything though. Maybe the cute dresses, skirts, and shirts- and hopefully the day she gets married she can use my wedding dress.... Anyways when we were little we both "hated" using each others clothes. I remember Jessica complaining about wearing my old stuff and I would complain when she would wear my stuff. It got worse when we were in high school. But then when I got married and moved out, I missed Jessica borrowing my clothes all the time, and I missed it because I borrowed hers too. I think that's a sister rule- using your sister's clothes. Well Sofia doesn't have sisters (0r brothers) so I don't think she will ever live through this, which is sad. Jessica and I look back to those days when we would fight over a shirt or a dress and now we laugh about it. Those were some good times. Sofia is 4 years old and if I was to have a baby next year (I said "if") there would already be a 5 year gap. If she has a sister I don't think Sofia's clothes would be in style by the time her sister can wear them. If she has a brother, there is NO WAY her brother would ever wear her clothes. Luckily, Sofia has cousins. Sofia is 2 1/2 years older than Kamber, Gwen, and Della.

This picture is from Halloween 2009. Sofia had turned two in September. That year I remember I wanted her to be a ladybug. I was so lazy I never made it to Party City on time to get Sofia's ladybug costume. Her size was the first one to sell out. So then I thought- I can just order the costume online. A couple days away from Halloween I went to Wal Mart and most of the costumes were on sale- like 50% off. There was a costume that totally said SOFIA all over it. A Pirate costume. So I bought it and Sofia loved it.

She loved her Pirate costume so much, she wore it everyday for 2 months after Halloween. Our old neighbor Lisa laughed because Sofia refused to wear anything else. She wore her costume to the park, the store, the mall, wiggle worms, her grandma's house, the only place she didn't wear it to was to church. Until one day, we hid her costume (it was time for her to wear something else). And the costume was never used again. Until this Saturday.
My beautiful niece Kamber wore the Pirate costume to her brother's Pirate Party. Seeing Kamber in the pirate costume brought back so many memories of my little Sofia being so cute in her costume. Sofia was 2 years old and Kamber is 18 months.

I know that some of Sofia's things will relive and have different experiences with her cousins. And I love it!

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