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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sibling Super Star

January 28th Sofia had her Super Star Sibling Class. She enjoyed the class. The class was at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, that's where Sofia was born and that's where baby will be born. Sofia picked out her outfit that day. She looked so styling. When class started the kids had to introduce themselves. They had to say their name, age, and what they were having. When it was Sofia's turn she said "My name is Sofia, I am 4 years old, and I'm having a sister." The teacher said thank you and then Sofia added "And the baby has a huge forehead." Everyone laughed. It was funny. Sofia was just describing what the baby's ultrasound looks like.
First part of the class was learning how to hold a newborn. Sofia did so good. After learning how to hold a newborn, the kids in the class learned about baby food and safety hazards. It was a wonderful class.

When class was done, the kids made a craft. They had to draw what their baby was going to look like. Sofia loves to craft!

Sofia wanted the drawing to be a gift for the baby. I noticed Sofia drew a binki. Sofia never used the binki. NEVER! It will be very interesting if the baby uses a binki.
After class was over Sofia wanted to try on her scrubs. She looked so cute.

Oh yeah! So proud with her Big Sister Certificate. She's more than ready!

Here's a beautiful close up of Sofia a.k.a. The Best Big Sister Ever

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