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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The KRT.

Lately little Miss Sofia Chanel has been studying a lot. In May she will be taking the KRT (Kindergarten Readiness Test). She is aware that this test will determine if Sofia is ready to start Kindergarten this year. Sofia was born September 29th and the Kindergarten cutoff is September 1st. Sofia is a smart little girl. Since she was a baby she showed she was ready for anything. Sofia walked super early and learned how to speak English in less than 6 months! Do I think the KRT will be a challenge? No. I know my girl and I know what she's capable of doing. Why are doing the practicing KRT? Because I want Sofia to be super prepared and I want her to pass the test with a really high score. I have really high expectations for my daughter. I think every parent wants their kids to be successful, so practicing for the KRT is not cheating or getting ahead. This year I started working in Sofia's preschool. I really like it. There are 5 other girls who will be doing the KRT. We work a lot with them because we want them to pass the test. The perfect score in some districts is 185. I don't know what the Chandler School District has but I want Sofia to pass with a high score.

I am confident that Sofia will pass her test with a high score. She's a very bright girl. Sofia has had 2 years of preschool. I think a third year will be boring for her. Oh Sofia! Four years ago when you were a little baby I had no idea where I we would be in the future. I didn't want to become the typical "teen mom" people see in tv. I want the best for you. You deserve it all. Sofia you can do anything. I know the KRT will be a piece of cake for you :)

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