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Saturday, October 27, 2012

First Field Trip

When: October 25th, 2012
Where: Schnepf Farms
Class: Mrs. Downs
Age: 5

Sofia is officially a big girl! She went on her first field trip ever and rode a school bus! She came home telling me how much fun she had. She even said Schnepf Farms is 100 times more fun than Disneyland. (exaggerating much?) Unfortunately I didn't go with her. Mrs. Downs said only 5 parents from each kindergarten class was allowed to go. There are 22 kids in Sofia's class and 19 parents volunteered, and I wasn't lucky enough to go... Anyways, on Thursday CTA had their bus evacuation drill. Keep in mind this is Sofia's first time on a bus. The kids were told about bus accidents and had a drill on how to evacuate the bus. On Friday Sofia woke up so happy because it was field trip day. She got ready so fast and told me to go to the school to say bye to her. I did. When I got there I told her to have fun. Then she got on the bus and as the buses were ready to go, Sofia's bus door opened and Mrs. Down got off with Sofia. Sofia was bawling. She was terrified of the bus. She would not let go of me. Mrs. Down said they needed to get going and took Sofia with her. As I see the bus leave, I can see Sofia through the window crying and Mrs. Downs sitting right next to her. When Sofia came home she told me the field trip was fun, but the bus was very scary. She kinda reminded me of Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus.. It's safe to say Sofia wont be riding a bus anytime soon.

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