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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Serving Others- Sofia Style

Serving others allows us to touch the lives of people we don't even know, and it also brings joy to our lives. About a week and a half ago Sofia and I thought it would be a great idea to give out candy to kids walking to seminary. My sister came with us to help out with Hazel and the four of us had so much fun! We live in the Chandler School District therefore we wanted a Chandler high school. Unfortunately Chandler was still on break and so we went to Higley High School. Going to Higley High School was a good choice. Sofia's first dance recital was at the Higley High School Performing Arts and Brian graduated there too. Anyways, we went to the seminary building and asked if it was OK with them if Sofia sat in the parking lot and gave kids candy, and they said yes. Sofia opened 2 bags of candy and put them in a bowl. She patiently waited for kids to come. When the kids started coming Sofia started yelling "free candy! free candy!" Some kids came right away and some asked her why she was giving out candy. Sofia simply said "for fun." (Serving others is fun!) The funny part was when Sofia chased some boys down the parking lot so they'd get their candy.. it was hilarious. When she ran out of candy we got in our car and came back home. Sofia thanked me and told me she had a lot of fun giving the kids candy because they were surprised. I asked her if she wanted to do more random acts of kindness, and of course she said yes. We have planned what we want to do for our next service projects... Let me tell you, my daughter has some fun ideas!!

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