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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Legoland {Fall Break '13}

 This was our first time going to Legoland, and we really didn't know what to expect. We literally had the park to ourselves, which was really nice because we did every ride more than once without having having to wait in line for more than 2 minutes. My family had fun at Legoland, and I loved all the Halloween decorations.

This picture makes me laugh. Hazel went up to this pizza guy, realized he was fake and got so scared! She took off running as fast as she could.

Sofia was tall enough for every ride at Legoland! This was the first one she got on, front row and everything. Go fearless girl, go!

This was Hazel's favorite ride. She rode it 2 times in a row and cried every time she got off.

She also enjoyed this train. Check out her face.. she's a total boss.

Sofia having fun!

Hazel could not believe her eyes in the story book ride.

Oh and Hazel had to be held while we were in Mini USA, why? Because she tried to destroy the buildings.

See how cute Sofia looks? A boy totally gave her a token so she could steer one of the steam boats. Totally random, she looked at him confused and said "umm ok."

Is Hazel having fun?? NO! She wanted to be on the other side of the fence hahaha.

Legoland was a hit! We had so much fun!!

Ohh and this very handsome man made this trip possible- gosh I love him so much.

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