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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Girl in the Pink Boots

We went to our friend John's wedding reception. The wedding reception was fun, and it was a Western theme. I wanted Sofia to wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt- it's kinda cold and it went perfect with the theme, but Sofia said "No, ladies wear dresses to receptions." There was no way of convincing Sofia, so I gave in and let her wear a dress. I would say 90% of the girls at the reception were in jeans {the invitation said casual dress}, but there was only one little girl with a pink dress, a denim jacket, and pink boots.

At the reception I saw many friends from high school, and a lot of people I haven't seen in a very long time. Of course they asked for my baby- what baby? I don't have a baby. She's 4. So I said "You see the one in the pink boots, yup the one dancing over there, that one is Sofia"
Since we can't have a horse, Sofia uses every opportunity she gets to ride one. Oh yeah, the girl in the pink boots is ADORABLE!
The day Sofia outgrows the boots will be a very sad day. I will save these boots, keep them like a treasure because they will always remind me of the cute little girl in the pink boots.
"These boots were made for dancing"

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