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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We ended October the right way.

October went by so fast! We had so many celebrations and they were all wonderful. I think this year Sofia broke a record, she attended 3 trunk-or-treats. But we also learned something about us- we do NOT like chili. Now we now that Chili is a Trunk-or-Treat tradition, so next year we will just skip that part. Anyways, Sofia was a little heart broken at first about her Halloween costume. She really wanted to be Rapunzel or Ariel, but after all the comments she got from random people, I think she finally liked being the Spanish Princess/Flamenco Dancer.

At our ward trunk-or-treat many people told Sofia that her costume went perfect with her. I agree. The skin, the hair, the eyes- it's in her! I think she looked really cute.

On Halloween we went to Jenny's Halloween Party. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Jenny went all out with this party! The food, the drinks, the games, the decorations, everything was amazing. Thanks Jenny for the memories. I will always remember this Halloween party, and hopefully this becomes a tradition.

So for Halloween we did go trick or treating. It's was our first Halloween in our new neighborhood. We only went for 40 minutes, but we went. There were some houses and kids that scared Sofia- specially a boy who had on the Scream mask. Other than being scared Sofia had a great time. She would knock the door and before people opened she would scream "TRICK OR TREAT!" It was funny. We came home around 7 and I told Sofia it was her turn to give out candy. She loved it. I asked her what she liked better, to give or to receive. She said both. Oh one funny story, this big group of kids came to our house, I'm going to guess they were 11 or 12. Anyways, Sofia tells them to pick out their favorite candy and then she said "But only pick one, because if you get more than one the scary witch will get you." The boys laughed so hard!!! Oh Sofia you make me laugh. We gave out candy until 8:30 and then it was time to get ready for bed. Next year will be a complete different story- I'm sure it will but I am so glad that Halloween 2010 was a success!

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