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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Halfway done with baby #2.

As of today I am 20 weeks and 2 days. I am halfway done! And if I have this baby at 37 weeks just like I did with Sofia then I am more than halfway done. Yes!! This pregnancy is going by fast. Really fast. Maybe it feels this way because I'm not that "big" yet. Maybe once I get really big I will think my pregnancy is going by slow. But as for right now I am going to enjoy the little belly. Anyways, I realized I am at 5 months and I have NOTHING for this baby. Nothing. I spend hours on pinterest looking at ideas for the baby's nursery. I want something super cute. I have a hard time choosing the baby's bedding. Here are the 2 options. I love both. The first one is pink, blue, and a little bit of green. The second one is light pink, dark pink, and gray. Both bedding collections are from Babies R Us new collections so they just barely came out. I really want to put a vinyl tree on one wall of the baby's nursery with flowers and birds. Before I do any of that I need to get the baby's furniture.. So much to do!

Anyways, my husband finally decided to start saying the names he likes. He likes Meredith and Mackenzie. I'm not too crazy about those names. I really like Talia. So I'm thinking our baby will have no name until she's born. We have to see who she looks like the most so we can name her. If she has dark hair I don't want to name her Meredith or Mackenzie. And if she's a blonde little girl then I don't want to name her Talia. With Sofia, I knew her name was going to be Sofia Chanel and I loved it. So we have a name, a family name we both like- Hazel. Now the middle name is a complete different story. Sofia's middle name is after the world's most luxurious brand, Chanel. For this baby I like Grace. Sounds so feminine and beautiful. Talia Grace and Hazel Grace both sound really good. But my hubby is not agreeing with me. Why is naming a baby so hard? Sofia and I keep calling the baby Talia. Brian calls the baby a different name every week.

Ok, now it's time to say the funny facts about the baby
  • Loves listening to Justin Beiber! Yes, this girl will be just like Sofia. Both will have the Bieber fever. The baby has it already and she's not even born. Every time we listen to a Justin Beiber song, the baby moves a lot- she must be dancing.
  • Loves Sofia. She loves Sofia a lot. And Sofia loves her back. Every night before Sofia goes to sleep she rubs my tummy and tells stories to the baby. The baby will respond by kicking my tummy and she moves a lot too. The baby really likes having Sofia around. I am so glad they already have a sister bond.
  • She is very persistent. Whenever I work out she makes the weirdest move, kinda like telling me "Woman, STOP MOVING AND LET ME SLEEP!" Because once I'm done working out she stays still and pretends nothing has happened. Did I also mention she refused to show her "sex" for both ultrasound appointments? Would not uncross her legs. At the second appointment we had to get 2 people come take a look. One had one shot and said "I'm thinking it's a girl, but I'm not 100% sure." Even though we are not 100% sure we are having a girl, I think it's a girl. A very persistent one too. Two very persistent girls at home- Brian we are going to have fun!
  • Last but not least, she loves her dad. Both my girls have the same favorite person- Brian. It's ok, he's a great person to love.

As for me, there are 2 things that terrify me. Stretch marks and the epidural. With Sofia I got lucky. Really lucky because I only got 2 stretch marks and they aren't noticeable. I did get the epidural though. With this one I'm scared of getting a lot of stretch marks. And also I'm scared of getting the epidural. I hate needles. Hopefully I do good. Well I have less than 20 weeks to hold my baby. Less than 20 weeks to get "ready" and enjoy having a newborn again.

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