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Thursday, May 3, 2012

33 weeks and wanting to be done!

I am 33 weeks pregnant! The past few days I have been experiencing terrible Braxton Hicks. On Sunday night I thought I was going to deliver baby Hazel- that's how bad I was in pain. I've been taking it easy, trying to relax as much as I can. But the Braxton Hicks are there. They refuse to go away. I've been told that Braxton Hicks are preparing my body for labor. My mom, grandma, and aunt think I will be having this baby the last week of May. We'll see. Part of me wants to because I'm done experiencing "false labor," and the other part of me wants the baby to wait, there are some things I need to get some ready before baby Hazel arrives.

I was looking at some maternity pictures I took earlier in my pregnancy. Here's me at 9 weeks.
Love it how fast things change!
Well, if I have this baby at 37 weeks just like I did with Sofia, that means I'll be pregnant for 4 more weeks. Yikes! It's baby time for the Mortensens!

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