Brian & Monica Mortensen

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Great Grandma

Today my grandma went back to Mexico (sad day), and she left super happy because she met our newest addition- Hazel. Hazel is her 3rd great grandchild and she fell in love with her. And Hazel loved my grandma too! She smiled at her all the time and wanted to be held by her always. I feel so sad whenever my grandma goes back to Mexico. Growing up I always wanted to have my grandma close to me. All my friends would talk about going to their grandma's house and I never really had that. And now that I'm 23 I want my grandma with me. I love hearing her advice and her stories. My grandma's favorite thing to do when she's visiting is to go to yard sales and for me, it was not hard getting up early on Saturdays because I wanted to make my grandma feel special by doing what she likes most. These past 2 weeks she made each of us our favorite meal and it was the BEST! I hope I go to Mexico soon to visit her.

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