Brian & Monica Mortensen

Monday, July 8, 2013

Birthday Wishlist 2013

Dear Brian:
You always ask what I want for my birthday.
Here's a very simple list.
I'm not asking for much, especially since we're saving up for our 5th year anniversary getaway to.. I better not say it {I don't want to jinx it}.

Item #1- an Anthropologie swimsuit. I love Anthropologie!

Item #2- Hope in a jar is a must! I don't want to get wrinkles anytime soon.
 Item #3- Armani Code was the perfume I had on all the time when we were dating!

 And finally item #4- a Michael Kors purse. I would love to own a Michael Kors purse. They're so pretty and perfect and they're a necessity in my life. But I put it at the end of the list so we can save up for our super awesome trip...

Hint: Please don't get me anything cooking related.

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