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Thursday, March 28, 2013

He's gone!

Last Saturday we saw the moving truck drive off with all of The Stewart's belongings. It hurt to see them leave. They were awesome neighbors, always willing to help. They had 4 kids, 3 of them went to CTA and they walked Sofia to school. On Tuesdays I would pick up Elijah from school and on Wednesdays I would drop him off. I'm going to miss his stories....

Weeks before they moved Sofia was crying because she was scared Elijah was going to forget what she looked like. She kept going on by saying that it brakes her heart they were not going to go to the same high school... Elijah and Sofia spent so much time together before he moved. They would go on bike rides, to the park, and sometimes they would sweep my driveway. I will never forget the morning we came home from a Valentine's photo shoot, Sofia was wearing a lace romper, and Elijah knew everything about girls dressing modestly. Elijah was riding his bike right outside our house when Sofia stepped out of the car and said "Hi Elijah!!! I did a photo shoot!" and Elijah said "Wearing that?! You don't look modest!" I laughed so hard. He even went on telling her she couldn't play with them until she changed.

The Stewart's will definitely be missed! These past few days I've been missing the knock on my door with Parker saying "Hi Sister Mortensen, is Sophie ready?" I hope I see those kids again!

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