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Friday, March 1, 2013

New addition to our family in 2013!

Yes, we did add a new member to our family in 2013! This time it was a car. Brian and I have been wanting a "new" car for the longest time. I wanted (want) a Yukon or an Escalade, but I got something else instead. Since we have a house payment and Brian is saving up for Grad School, we knew we had to pay cash for a car. So we needed something in our budget. After weeks and weeks of searching it came down to two choices- a car or a mid size SUV. Brian and I want to add on to our family by 2015 {and that's no secret} so really we needed an SUV and today we went to go see a Toyota Highlander we've been looking into buying. Oh, and we also went to check out some Mercedes Benz.. and let me tell you, Brian wants one. He wants one bad! And truth is so do I... I was made to drive a Mercedes....

After playing around with the Mercedes Benz we drove off in our "new" Toyota Highlander. We love it. It's the perfect size of SUV for us and we got a super HOT deal on it.Sofia and Hazel love their new car too. We're ready to make new memories with our little Highlander!

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