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Friday, May 31, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation 2013

Writing this blog entry was kind of painful- I'm not hurting physically, I'm hurting emotionally.
My big girl Sofia graduated from kindergarten and is now officially a first grader.
{I'm still not used to saying I have a first grader}
Her kindergarten year went by so fast. She learned so much..
Sofia's kindergarten graduation was May 29th- here are some pictures

Here's my mom with her oldest grandchild. My dad went to the graduation too, but for some reason I don't have a picture of him with Sofia. My parents love her so much, they would do anything for her. I'm so glad they were there with her showing their support.

 My brother and Sofia are the 2013 graduates!

Hazie wanted to graduate from kindergarten too! 

Here comes my graduate! I love the smile on her face. She has got to be the happiest kid ever!

Shaking Mr. Smith's hand.

My sister in law Katie and her kids went to Sofia's graduation.
Sofia didn't know they were there. When she saw them she was so surprised and happy.
Katie's kids got so happy to see her too. Especiall Kamber. She kept screaming "Fia, there's my Fia!!"
And Sofia couldn't stop waving at Kamber and Brayden.

Oh yeah, my sweet girl was one of the few lucky kids that were chosen to speak at the graduation.
She memorized everyone's part just in case someone would of forgotten what they were going to say.

She was just barely tall enough for that microphone!

After the ceremony was over the students were taken to their classroom. We all walked back to Sofia's classroom to see her. When Sofia saw Brayden she threw her arms around him like if she hadn't seen him in over 10 years! Then Kamber went running to them and they had a "group hug."

And here's the best kindergartner teacher in the world! I bought Sofia the book "Oh The Places You'll Go," so that all her teachers throughout her school years would sign it and Mrs. Downs wrote the sweetest message to Sofia. I will forever be thankful for Mrs. Downs because she gave Sofia the best first year of school ever!

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