Brian & Monica Mortensen

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hazel's Blessing

Today was a very special day.
Our little Hazel was blessed.
She is exactly 8 weeks old today. And Brian got to bless his baby in August (the month of his birthday) 20 days before his 25th birthday!

 We got so many comments about Hazel's dress. I bought it at Crismons Baby Boutique in Mesa. I've never seen a dress like her's before. I love rosettes. I love them. So when I saw this dress I knew I had to buy it for Hazel. She looked like a little doll... Oh and her headband was a gift from my dear friend Lindsay Banner from Banner Boutique{} who just got here Friday from hervacation and custom made Hazel's headband. She read my mind! She knew what I wanted!

Thank you all who came and shared this special day with us!
We really appreciate it!

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